Powering Sensor Intelligence

Connecting Sensors Real-time Data Empowered Intelligence

Monitoring, compliance, maintenance and tracking of intelligent data on your buildings and assets

bluezone24 offers an end-to-end Internet of Things (IoT) compliance monitoring solution for the built environment. By digitalising assets and using the latest in sensors and IoT technology, it is easy to view, act and plan using a range of powerful data in one location with a multitude of reporting options.

bluezone24 Services:

Legionella & Water Treatment

Monitoring Legionella & Water Treatment

Legionella control
Automatic Flushing
Water usage
Leak detection

Environmental Comfort

Environmental Comfort

Ambient Air Temperature
Humidity Levels
Carbon dioxide levels
Volatile Organic Compounds

Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Easily Track Assets

The Intelligence

The Bluezone Platform

Delivering intelligent data at your fingertips, click below to find out more

Can't find what you need?

Bluezone24 are always working on new sensor solutions and
have already implemented additional sensors based on client's needs

What bluezone 24 can do for you

The benefits of using remote monitoring & sensors

Proactive Monitoring

Real time accurate data with 'no touch' monitoring at intervals you decide.


Bluezone24 will alert you when you need to take action and provides the structure you need to monitor your compliance.


In today's world saving energy, improving health and cutting costs are common key performance indicators.


Have the data you need at your fingertips with 'At a Glance' dashboards and client specific reports and alerts by email, SMS , PDF or Excel.

Latest News

Benefits of Bluezone24

There are many benefits to using Bluezone24, the IoT sensor technology and powerful Bluezone Manager Platform.

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Below are common sectors using Bluezone 24. Monitoring can be carried out in any sector, just speak with an expert to find out exactly how we can help you. Click below for more information.

Empowered Business Intelligence

Bluezone 24 not only offers you the means for better and safer data capture but also a platform to manipulate and analysis the large volume of data being created for the empowered of your organisation.

Bluezone24 is not only reactive but can be proactive in nature. 

Life Cycle and Connectivity Management

We make sense of it all with a fast and reliable solution for your IoT network.

Alerts via a RAG dashboard supported by SMS/Email notifications

Your compliance in one dashboard continuously available

Digital Asset Management Solutions

The future is digital.

Constant monitoring, constant data, and interpreting that data for better business and compliance decisions makes sense.