Legionella & Water Management

Legionella & Water Management

Transform your  Legionella control, monitoring 

and inspection programme.

Peace of mind digitally delivered for your people, profit and planet

There is a requirement to monitor your water systems for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria. Remote Temperature monitoring allows a more effective and efficient way of meeting your regulatory compliance needs.

Bluezone24 Remote Temperature Monitoring takes Legionella Control to the next level, by digitalising assets, remotely monitoring temperatures and removes the need for physical contact through IoT (Internet of Things) technology all while hosting a range of powerful data in one location with a multitude of reporting options.

Legionella & Water Management Solutions:


Water Temperature Sensors
BluezoneTemp, our remote temperature monitoring programme is a non-intrusive method of monitoring, reporting and alerting those responsible for Legionella prevention


Automatic Outlet Flushing
Water stagnation can be prevented by regular flushing of outlets and BluezoneFlo, our automatic flushing mechanism can flush outlets and helps avoid Legionella. 


Water Leak Detection
Water damage is a common risk and severe damage can be costly, Bluezone24’s smart devices will alert you of a leak so you can quickly take the appropriate action.


Water Usage Sensors
Do you need to monitor water? With Bluezon24 Smart Water Usage Sensors you can monitor how much water is being used and effectively manage and improve your operations.

Key Benefits of Bluezone24

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identification of infrequently used outlets.

Reduce security risks as the need for site visits are decreased

Scalable solution regardless of building type, size and complexity.

Surpasses current ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM 04-01 and HPSC compliance requirements.

Integrated with current in-house Legionella management programmes.

System automated pro-active compliance recommendations, suggestions and alerts.

Enhanced environmental benefits including energy savings and improved asset life cycle.

Proactive Legionella control tools for increased compliance & user safety.

Monitor the performance of flushing programmes.

No Touch’ Legionella Management supports infection control.

Non-intrusive retro fitment within water systems.

Identifies freeze and scald risks.

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

Monitor water turnover.

Automated failed sensor alerts.

Temperature trending and system profiling of all buildings.

No requirement to access building power or IT data networks

Minimises disruption to staff, visitors and building users.

Cost savings.

How it works

Installation of Sensors

Sensors are quick and easy to install with no impact on existing pipework or IT infrastructure.

Ready to go!

Once installed there are a few quick checks and you are ready to go!

Start getting Data

Data transmits to the cloud via the world’s largest IoT network ensuring safe, secure and encrypted data

Alerts & Notifications

The system alerts you of any variances you need to know about.


The platform manages and analyses the data with various dashboards and exportable reports.

Peace of mind

Sleep easy knowing the sensors are protecting your people, your profit and the planet.

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