Remote Temperature Monitoring

Remote Temperature Monitoring for Water Hygiene Control

Bluezone24’s remote temperature monitoring programme is a non-intrusive method of monitoring, reporting and alerting those responsible for Legionella prevention

How best to monitor water temperature to avoid the presence of Legionella and Waterborne Bacteria?​

Reducing Legionella in water is best achieved through monitoring and controlling the temperature in water systems.

Legionella thrives between 20°C – 45°C and so best practice is to ensure cold water is stored below 20°C or hot water is stored over 60°C.

Remote Temperature Monitoring for detection

Legislation and best practice guidance require that all organisations must monitor their water systems for Legionella and other waterborne bacteria.

Traditionally this has meant a water management company attending site, taking temperatures on a monthly basis, however technological advances mean that we can now remotely monitor water systems within buildings, and report the findings via a visual dashboard that alerts you any variances.

Bluezone Temp White

Remote Temperature Monitoring - the BluezoneTemp Sensor

Remote Temperature Monitoring - the Transfer

Remote Temperature Monitoring - the Data

Bluezone Manager reports on a variety of KPIs including:

  • Daily Temperature Readings
  • Sensor Performance
  • Organisational, Building and Asset Level Reporting
  • Trending Reports
  • Log Books
  • Sample Results

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Benefits of Remote Temperature Monitoring

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identification of infrequently used outlets.

Reduce security risks as the need for site visits are decreased

Scalable solution regardless of building type, size and complexity.

Surpasses current ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM 04-01 and HPSC compliance requirements.

Integrated with current in-house Legionella management programmes.

System automated pro-active compliance recommendations, suggestions and alerts.

Enhanced environmental benefits including energy savings and improved asset life cycle.

Proactive Legionella control tools for increased compliance & user safety.

Identifies freeze and scald risks.

No Touch’ Legionella Management supports infection control.

Non-intrusive retro fitment within water systems.

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

Temperature trending and system profiling of all buildings.

No requirement to access building power or IT data networks

Automated failed sensor alerts.

Cost savings.

Minimises disruption to staff, visitors and building users.

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