Social Housing

Social Housing

Proactive management of assets and resources leading to reduced costs and better user customer service

Managing health, safety and environmental compliance obligations is a demanding and complex task, especially in social housing. With limited resources the effective development and management of assets is crucial.

Bluezone24 manages your compliance needs as well as maintenance planning both in the immediate and longer term.

Bluezone 24 sensors will not only alert landlords to properties that need maintenance but can also keep a digital record of the condition of the property.

The introduction of the Homes (Fitness for Human Habitation) Act is encouraging social landlords to invest in an IoT solution to help them better manage their housing stock.



Adding Value:

The aim of social housing providers such as associations and councils is to provide the safest and healthiest environment for their service users.

Benefits for Social Housing

24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Identification of infrequently used outlets.

Reduce security risks as the need for site visits are decreased

Scalable solution regardless of building type, size and complexity.

Surpasses current ACoP L8, HSG 274, HTM 04-01 and HPSC compliance requirements.

Integrated with current in-house Legionella management programmes.

System automated pro-active compliance recommendations, suggestions and alerts.

Enhanced environmental benefits including energy savings and improved asset life cycle.

Proactive Legionella control tools for increased compliance & user safety.

Identifies freeze and scald risks.

No Touch’ Legionella Management supports infection control.

Non-intrusive retro fitment within water systems.

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

Temperature trending and system profiling of all buildings.

No requirement to access building power or IT data networks

Automated failed sensor alerts.

Cost savings.

Minimises disruption to staff, visitors and building users.

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Bluezone24 Brochure

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What is Bluezone24?

Monitoring, compliance, maintenance and tracking of intelligent data on your buildings and assets.

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Benefits of Bluezone24

There are many benefits to using Bluezone24, the IoT sensor technology and powerful Bluezone Manager Platform.

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