Asset Tracking

Asset Tracking

Track, trace and protect your assets with Bluezone24

Bluezone24 asset tracking simply monitors your assets by location to track lost or stolen items, works together with Bluezone compliance module to protect your investment.

Asset Tracking - the Sensor

Asset Tracking - the Transfer

Temperature and Humidity - the Data

Key Benefits of Bluezone24

Monitor 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

Trending data and system profiling of all assets.

Improve planning and reduce waste.

Scalable solution.

No requirement to access IT data networks

Non-intrusive retro fitment to assets

Reduce costs.

How it works

Installation of Sensors

Sensors are quick and easy to install with no impact on your asset or IT infrastructure.

Ready to go!

Once installed there are a few quick checks and you are ready to go!

Start getting Data

Data transmits to the cloud via the world’s largest IoT network ensuring safe, secure and encrypted data

Alerts & Notifications

The system alerts you to variances you need to know about.


The platform manages and analyses the data with various dashboards and exportable reports.

Peace of mind

Sleep easy knowing the sensors are protecting your people, your profit and the planet.

Ready to speak to an expert?

A walk through can take as little as 15 mins.

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