Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC)

Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)

Real time monitoring of volatile organic compounds within a built environment

Why monitor volatile organic compounds in buildings?

Building occupants are more vulnerable to indoor pollutants as they spend more of their time inside.  The exposure to organic air pollutants in these micro-environments can have an adverse impact on their health and performance. 


volatile organic compounds monitoring - the Sensor

volatile organic compounds monitoring - the Transfer

volatile organic compounds monitoring - the Data

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Key Benefits of Bluezone24

Improve occupant health and well being.

Real time monitoring of indoor air quality.

Improve comfort levels, reduce consumption, reduce emissions.

Alerts when levels increase and action should be taken.

Trending data and system profiling of all buildings.

No requirement to access building power or IT data networks

Non-intrusive retro fitment within any building

System automated
pro-active compliance

Bespoke reporting capabilities.

Automated failed sensor alerts.

Scalable solution regardless of building type, size and complexity.

Identity energy savings and reduce costs.

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