About Us

About Us

Bluezone24 delivers the ability to better manage buildings and assets to improve the health and wellbeing of your people alongside operational efficiencies.

But who are we?

About Bluezone

Bluezone Technologies is a specialist software solutions company that develops unique and innovative products for the management of compliance, supply chain, health and safety, inductions and eLearning.

Our Values

Our Vision

Develop innovative world class IoT software for organisations who are focused on creating the safest working environment.

Our Mission

Create innovative and intelligent software products to support the healthy working environment for all users.

Our Promise

Underpin the products and services through the provision of industry leading customer service.

Our Experience

Our experience in this sector combined with our innovative solution ensures Bluezone Technologies is already positioned as an industry leader of compliance and EHS (Environment, Health and Safety) combining IoT software solutions.

With 100’s of years combined health and safety experience, we know the results organisations are looking for…. Just ask us!

Our Team

The Bluezone team are not just highly qualified SaaS professionals, our team is made up from a broad spectrum of industry backgrounds who understand the frustrations and challenges faced in managing compliance, safety and training.

If you are UK or Ireland based, we are also local!

Corporate Responsibility

It is our corporate responsibility to ensure our business is carried out in a safe, sustainable manner that is socially responsible and respectful of the environment.

Latest News

Benefits of Bluezone24

There are many benefits to using Bluezone24, the IoT sensor technology and powerful Bluezone Manager Platform.

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